Top 3 Best Electric Blanket Reviewed for 2017

If you are struggling to sleep in the winter nights, you need an electric blanket for extra warm. The best electric blanket can give you warm feeling in the cold nights especially when you are in bed. Moreover, this can reduce your power cost because this helps to control warm temperature of your bed. Therefore, you do not need to use other devices for room temperature.

There are many electric blankets available in the market with great performance, easy to use and affordable price. They are also soft, comfortable and easy to clean. In order to provide you the best and top quality electric blankets, we have selected top 3 electric blankets. You can consider the blankets for cold nights and have a wonderful sound sleep in every night.

Top 3 Electric Blankets Review

#1 Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Blanket

This is one of the best electric blankets that are made of 100% polyester. The luxurious ultra-soft micro-fleece fabric has made the electric blanket comfortable and soft. Therefore, you will have a comfortable time in your bed.

Safe & Warm low voltage technology helps to reduce your power wastage and bill. As a result, this electric blanket is economical than other normal blankets in the market.

The design of the electric blanket is perfect for sleeping. It comes with evenly distributed wire design instead of bulky wires. As a result, you do not feel uncomfortable using the thin blanket. Moreover, the electric blanket will heat thoroughly to ensure you do not feel cold.

The electric blanket offers easy to adjust heat. You will get dual lighted controls to adjust the warm level. Moreover, there is a pre-heated feature to make your bed warmth before you are going to bed.

For safety, the electric blanket will automatically turn off after 10 hours. However, you can also customize the time of auto shut off the electric blanket.

The electric blanket is machine washable for easy clean. Therefore, you do not need to be stressed for cleaning the blanket. On the other hand, the manual instruction is easy to follow to use the blanket. So, this blanket can give you the best solution for winter nights.

#2 Sunbeam Microplush Electric Heated Throw Blanket

Sunbeam is one of the best electric blanket brands in the United States. The electric blanket comes with a unique technology for you to sleep comfortably. It comes with ThermoFine warming system that senses the temperature of the electric blanket and adjusts the warmth level automatically. As a result, you will never feel too hot or too cold in the winter nights.

The electric blanket is made of premium soft velvet plush. So, it is a soft and comfortable blanket to use in the cold nights. In fact, you will feel luxury with sound sleep.

This is an elegant blanket and easy to clean. This is a machine washable and dryable blanket. But, you should read the manual instructions before you approach to wash or dry the electric blanket.
The blanket offers 3 heat settings for winter nights. So, you can adjust the heat according to your requirement. Changing the heat adjustment is not hard for you!

It also comes with automatic shut off feature in 3 hours. Therefore, the electric blanket will not waste your power and keep the utility bill low. You will also get 5 years limited warranty from the manufacturer. So, this is a great model with durable performance.

#3 Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket

Do you want to massive heat adjustable in your electric blanket? Then, this electric blanket is the most suitable for you. The blanket offers 10 heat settings to the users with easy adjustable option. Therefore, you do not need to worry finding your comfortable heat for sleep. You can try from lower to higher heat to find the temperature that you feel comfortable to sleep!

The electric blanket also comes with automatic heat senses and adjusts the heat accordingly. Therefore, you will never feel too hot or cold with the blanket. In fact, the blanket will deliver consistent warmth feeling too.

This is made of 100 percent polyester and soft fabric. So, it enhances the quality and comfort level that you need for sleeping. Moreover, the quilted channel design makes it suitable for evenly distributed warm.

You will also get a heated mattress pads for comfortable heating the bed too. Therefore, you can prepare your bed with warm temperature before you go to bed. The electric blanket is machine washable and dryer easily. As a result, you do not need any other cost for maintaining the electric blanket.

The electric blanket comes with a fuse for extra protection against short circuit. In addition, there is an automatic turn off feature in this blanket. So, this will stop the wastage of power and keep the electric bill low.

Benefits of Using Electric Blanket

Using electric blanket has many benefits. This will always give you the best environment to have a sound sleep. Moreover, you will also be able to get some health benefits. Although there are some complications, they can be avoided by using some awareness.

  • Perfect for sleeping in the cold nights
    Electric blanket is the best option for sleeping in the cold nights. You can use room heater for keeping the temperature normal. But, this will not help you like a blanket can. Therefore, this is the ultimate option to have desire warmth in the bed and have a sound sleep.
  • Comfortable and soft
    The electric blankets are trend to be soft and comfortable. Most of the blankets are made of luxurious micro fleece that make them soft. As a result, you will not feel disturb at the middle of the night. But, this is also important to select the right fabric made blanket for sleeping. Otherwise, you may not get the benefit from your electric blanket.
  • Reduce the pain of muscle & Aches
    The electric blanket shows positive impact of reducing the pain of muscle and aches. Basically, the right warmth level in the cold nights helps to reduce the effect of aches. So, you may not need additional medical treatment because of this positive effect.
  • Allergies & dust reduction
    According to the users of the electric blanket, allergy problem reduces dramatically. However, there is no solid logic behind the science. Dust and allergies increase during the winter season. Because of warmth bed, it helps to reduce the effect of allergy problem.
  • Tension release
    In the cold nights, the tension of turning off the heater at night increases the tension level. On the other hand, improper room temperature does not give you the chance to have a proper sleep.
  • Electric blanket comes with automatic turn off system for the users. Therefore, you can customize the time and it will turn off automatically. As a result, you do not need to be tensed for shut it at the middle of the night.
  • Easy to use
    The electric blankets are easy to use and customize the options. This is a wire based blanket and you need to adjust the heat level properly. Otherwise, this will become too hot or too cold to sleep.
    But, they are easy to use with a control panel button. You can get either rotation button or normal press button for changing the heat. So, this is a great way to learn new thing and use it easily.
  • Safe & Protective
    When many of the devices are not safe to use for controlling the room temperature properly, electric blanket is safe enough to use. They come with automatic turn off feature to make it safe.
  • Moreover, many modern electric blankets offer fuse to protect you from short circuit or over heat. In addition, the modern technology helps to senses the heat and increase/decrease automatically at the middle of the night. So, this is a safe and protective thing to sleep with in cold nights.
  • Economical
    Using the electric blankets are economical than other electronics for controlling room temperature. Because of having heat adjustable option, you can set according to your need. On the other hand, it turns off automatically where other machines run throughout the night. As a result, the power consumption of the electric blankets is low too!

Key Points to Choosing The Best Electric Blanket

Do you want to buy a new electric blanket for upcoming winter? Then, you must need to know how to choose a good electric blanket. If you do not buy the best blanket, you can’t expect to get good performance for cold nights. Therefore, this is important to choose the right blanket for your bed time.

Of course, there are some key points to choose a good quality electric blanket. The key points are given bellowed:

  1. Bedding Safety
    First of all, you need to consider the electric bedding safety of the electric blanket. You should only purchase the electric blanket that comes with UL standard certified. Otherwise, this will not be enough safe for you to use. On the other hand, read out the safety concern of the electric blanket before you make a decision.
  2. Quality & Durability
    You should consider the quality and durability of an electric blanket before buying it. Normally, you can use it more than 5 years with proper care. In this case, the electric blanket fabric should easy to wash and dry.
    The fabric should be good quality and does not change for repeated washing. This is important to consider the softness of the electric blanket but you need to consider the wire connections too! You should not go with randomly internal heating wires. Otherwise, they can’t give you durable performance.
  3. Heat Adjustable Options
    You should always consider the heat adjustable option of an electric blanket. There should be more adjustment levels to fix the proper heat. If you buy a normal electric blanket with two or three heat levels, you may not find a desire level. So, this would not help you to have a sound sleep at all!
  4. Size & Weight
    The size of the electric blanket is a matter for buying it. You should measure your bed and see the measurement of the blanket. You can buy smaller than your bed but don’t go for larger. Otherwise, this would be tough for you to manage and clean it.
    You should check the weight of the blanket too! Some of the electric blankets are overweight because of the wire connections. Therefore, this is also an important fact to consider. The weight should not be too much to manage and feel natural.
  5. Mattress Pad
    Some of the electric blanket comes with additional mattress pad for making your bed prepared. So, you can consider the blanket that also offers a mattress pad. This is especially good for extremely cold nights. It helps to keep your bed warm to sleep. As a result, your bed will become ready and you will also feel good.
  6. Budget
    You should always fix a budget for the blanket. You will find different price levels for the blanket. So, choose a blanket that goes with your budget. But, this is not wise to compromise the quality, features for price.

These are the key points that you should think for selecting the electric blanket. If you do not consider the things, you may not able to buy the right electric blanket for your sleep time.


Now you have complete buying guideline to buy the best electric blanket in 2016. Moreover, you have the top three electric blanket reviews to consider. So, you can spend full winter without struggling to sleep. If you want to buy other electric blankets from market, make sure you have consider our above facts to choose. Otherwise, this would be tough to find the best electric blanket for your winter nights.

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